Los Angeles Times/Calendar June 10, 2015

Idiot’s Youthful Energy a Boon
“In recent years, DOMA Theatre Company has gained renown for crack professional productions….no exception to that trend, “Green Day’s American Idiot” at the MET is Broadway caliber in almost every particular–a triumph of ingenuity over the constraints of a small theater. Director Marco Gomez, choreographer Angela Todaro and musical director Chris Raymond deliver the goods.” 
(F. Kathleen Foley)

The Los Angeles June 12, 2015

Doma Theatre’s American idiot — Sensibly Sensational
“Oh, and of course, the direction and musicianship of the band is as majestic as the American Flag, Mom and American-Apple Pie.”
(Jenifer Hugus)

Live in LA June 8, 2015

MET Theatre Rocked by Idiot
“Chris Raymond (musical director, conductor, keyboards, and producer) and band …perform the music that propels the show’s unstoppable energy in the style of the rock stars that they are.”
(Jan James) June 6, 2015

Green Day’s American Idiot in L.A. (5 stars)
“The vocals were, of course, provided by the cast but driving the music was the house band led by Chris Raymond, Musical Director and piano…
Together they deliver powerful, undeniable, riveting and utterly exhilarating musical sound.”
(Ron Irwin)

STAGESCENE LA June 5, 2015

American Idiot WOW!
“Wunderkind musical director Chris Raymond and his onstage band do Green Day proud with their rockspertise.”
(Steven Stanley

The Tolucan Times February 19, 2015 

Jesus Christ Superstar
“The onstage musical director, Chris Raymond and his orchestra, as always, drove the energy with PERFECTION!”
(Pat Taylor)

STAGESCENE LA March 8, 2015

Jesus Christ Superstar WOW!
“Under Marco Gomez’s incisive, imaginative direction and Chris Raymond’s as always impeccable musical direction, each performer gets his or her own showcase number…”
“With musical director Raymond conducting the production’s stupendous five-member band….this Jesus Christ Superstar is pretty darned sensational indeed.”
(Steven Stanley)

No Ho Arts February 25, 2015 

Jesus Christ Superstar
“The band was really excellent, in a small venue containing the sound of a rock band without drowning out the vocalists is a mean feat, and one which Chris Raymond, the musical director and band leader, did to perfection.”
(Samantha Simmonds Ronceros)

Stage Raw February 20, 2015

Jesus Christ Superstar
“Musical director Chris Raymond hits the beats with a taut, almost military precision.” (Paul Birchall)

Arts in LA February 14, 2015

Jesus Christ Superstar
“The most compelling reason for attending—is the timeless score by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Tim Rice. Which is to say that the MVPs for director Marco Gomez are musical director Chris Raymond and his four performing colleagues, in whose hands the through-sung rock opera commands the playing space full throttle.
    Sitting at his keyboard on a platform upstage right, Raymond establishes a propulsive urgency that never falters. Raymond is to be further congratulated for vocal management.
    Let’s give the last curtain call to Raymond”
(Bob Verini) February 15, 2015

Jesus Christ Superstar
“It starts before the curtain opens with a rousing musical introduction under the direction of multiple award winning Musical Director Chris Raymond. Chris is a man who invests a 110% of himself into whatever project he pursues. The results are always magical and often award winning and Chris Raymond is fast becoming a real world contemporary super star in his own right.”
(Ron Irwin)

L.A. Times CRITICS CHOICE October 9, 2014

Young Frankenstein
“The stage version of “Young Frankenstein,” now in an exuberant revival by DOMA theatre Company, hews closely to the 1974 film. But the music and lyrics (by Brooks) make it a new, extremely endearing beast, and DOMA theatre Company has the voltage to bring it to life.”
(Margaret Gray)

The Tolucan Times October 2, 2014

Young Frankenstein – “It’s Alive”
“Directed with MANIACALLY MADCAP vision by Marco Gomez and musically directed by Chris Raymond…this “power duo” received major award kudos for last year’s dynamic Dream Girls. The DOMA Theatre troupe has been “wowing” audiences in L.A. at the Met Theatre with their revised musical plays the last few years.”
(Pat Taylor)

Stage Raw October 4, 2014

Young Frankenstein
“Director Marco Gomez keeps things moving with the speed and drive of a freight-train, Chris Raymond’s musical direction is impeccable…”
(Neal Weaver) October 3, 2014

Young Frankenstein – putting the ‘trance’ in Transylvania
“…music and lyrics, under the impressive musical director Chris Raymond…As Halloween soon approaches, ‘Young Frankenstein’ is a wonderful play to see.”
(Bonnie Priever)

Los Feliz Ledger July 1, 2014

Dorian’s Descent Is a Hit at the Met Theater in Hollywood
“This provocative production has a lot of glitz…full of catchy musical numbers. The large cast moves effortlessly across a relatively small stage during numerous dance numbers. While “Dorian’s Descent” deals with the darker side of human existence, the play is not a downer. Its clever action and interesting score captivate the audience with their imagination.”
(Marilyn Tower Oliver) June 2, 2014

Dorian’s Descent at the MET
“The cast was superb, the music magnificent and the set was in every way beyond expectation. One very strong selling point is that “Dorian’s Descent” is not simply yet again another old Broadway musical repeat. It is a courageous effort and very much worth ones time to see and enjoy.”
(Ron Irwin)

The Tolucan Times June 5, 2014

Dorian’s Descent
“Music and EXCELLENT onstage orchestrations by Raymond… A spectacular production to accomplish in a 99-seat theatre, this troupe is fearless! Over 20 exciting songs and sizzling dance productions drive the story with sensual PIZAZZ!”
(Pat Taylor)

LA Performing Arts Examiner July 30, 2013

Eight reasons to see “Nine” and one reason not to
“One: The music, the music, the music. Broadway pit musician Chris Raymond, in all of his 20-something years, is a sparkling phenom. His talent is gargantuan. Seeing him now, before his star completely rises, is likely uber wise.”
“The music direction is glorious (Chris Raymond is arguably the brightest talent at Doma right now)”
(Gil Kaan)

Culture Spot LA July 16, 2013

“The seven-piece Band, dexterously conducted by Chris Raymond, sounds like a full symphonic orchestra while never overpowering the heavenly voices.”
(Gil Kaan)

STAGESCENELA July 12, 2013

“Nine The Musical benefits immeasurably from Chris Raymond’s phenomenal musical direction and the performances of the side-stage band—Raymond and Ng Yuhong on keyboards, Tom Luer and Stephen Clothier on reeds, James Blackwell on trumpet, Antonio Rodrigo on bass, and Ben Rose on drums and percussion. Not only does Raymond score highest marks as musical director/conductor, he deserves an extra round of applause for adapting the musical’s original orchestrations for this production’s scaled-down band.”
(Steven Stanley)


“While DOMA’s production values are all top-notch, what truly sets the troupe’s efforts apart is the extraordinary quality of the music. Credit musical director Chris Raymond and his crack band for giving this 99 seat evening a Broadway sheen.”
(Christopher Cappiello) 


This ‘DREAMGIRLS’ is Bursting With Talent
“Director Marco Gomez and his ace forces have inventively reconceived Michael Bennett’s celebrated original staging. The action places musical director Chris Raymond’s superb band alongside designer Amanda Lawson’s two-tiered set, which serves the property’s sprawling, R&B near-opera needs, aided by Johnny Ryman’s resourceful lighting and our proximity to a marvelous cast.”
(David C. Nichols)


GO Dreamgirls
“– the pleasures of the show itself, under Chris Raymond’s assured musical direction, are strong enough to sustain interest.”
(Paul Birchall)


WOW Dreamgirls
“Then there’s musical wunderkind Chris Raymond (last year’s Scenie-winning Musical Director Of The Year for Jekyll & Hyde, The Playground, The Who’s Tommy, and more recently Xanadu and Avenue Q) once again proving himself one of L.A.’s most gifted young talents, not only in the vocal performances he elicits from his cast, but as conductor-keyboardist for Dreamgirl’s sensational onstage band.”
(Steven Stanley)


“’Boy Genius,’ Musical Director Chris Raymond on piano, and his excellent onstage band, rocked the house!”
(Pat Taylor)

LA STAGE TIMES July 5, 2012

At 21, Jekyll‘s Raymond Moves Beyond Performance
“Prodigy” is one of those words thrown around to the point of vacuity, but it’s difficult to push it out of your head when you’re face-to-face with Chris Raymond. He’s 21 years old — tall, slim, and smartly dressed — and it’s easy to imagine the whiz kid he must have been at 13.”
(Dani Oliver)